i learned that the Twilight Zone was created after Rod Serling’s teleplay inspired by Emmett Till’s murder was heavily censored by networks and advertisers. The censorship led Serling to rethink his approach and delve into the era’s social issues through a filter of science fiction and fantasy (x)

“The writer’s role is to be a menacer of the public’s conscience,” Serling later said. “He must have a position, a point of view. He must see the arts as a vehicle of social criticism and he must focus the issues of his time.”

I’m printing this out for my wall.

It’s funny how often horror, fantasy, and sci-fi have been sanctuaries for progressive ideas despite (and because of) the world at larger considering them lesser genres.

There’s so much power in pulling back the curtain on assumptions, whether it’s tweaking a setting to show what horrors we have become too used to or by dialing up a piece just a little stronger to make readers/viewers question why the existing version is accepted.